Osteopathy is a holistic healthcare system using a wide range of manual techniques to diagnose, treat  and prevent musculo-skeletal problems and injuries. Allowing you to live a healthy, full and active life.

Osteopahic techniques aim to influence all the systems of the body : muscles, joints, bones and the nervous system. In addition we aim to improve your bodies circulatory, immunity and lymphatic systems.

At The Hobson Clinic our goal is to help you live a full and active life.

What Osteopathy can treat

  • Pain – neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, lower back pain.
  • Pain – Arm pains, Leg pains
  • Headaches
  • Sports Injuries
  • Work related injuries or disorders of muscles, joints and tendons.
  • Postural Problems
  • Muscular tension and spasms
  • Referred pain
  • Upper Limb dysfunction
  • Lower Limb dysfunction
  • Anti and post pregnancy
  • Post surgery recovery and re-habilitation

What Treatments we use

  • Osteopathic Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Massage
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (assisted stretching)
  • ACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE (A.R.T.) – link and logo to follow
  • Joint Articulations
  • Joint Manipulations (if appropriate and with consent)
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Instrument Assisted Massage
  • Dry Needling – Western medicine Acupuncture
  • Chi Running coaching and tuition
  • Direct rhythmic techniques
  • Indirect gentle harmonic techniques