Massage can be used to relieve tension, stress, aches and pains, to improve flexibility, to recover from injury, to prepare for competition, to help active people stay in peak condition or to help with pregnancy. At The Hobson Clinic we offer various types of massage treatments that are personally   adapted to each clients individual needs.

  • Sports Massage

    You don’t have to be an athlete to feel the benefits of Sports Massage.

    Sports massage can help anyone who suffers from muscle tension, stress and fatigue. This type of massage can be used for everyone with different levels of stresses and strains on the body caused by gardening, lifting heavy bags, sitting at a computer all day, carrying babies, or individuals whose muscles are tight or have a restrictive range of movement cause by inactivity or injury.

    As an athlete we can help you stay injury-free which allows you to follow your training plan, recover from training and progress. We can help prepare you for competition and undo the stresses and strains either after competition or during your training cycle.  If you focus on one particular sport eg: swimming or tennis we can address the muscular tensions built up as a result of  the repetitive or one-sidedness of your sport.

    Using manual therapy comprising smooth, deep and precise techniques to help you prevent injury and recover from training or competition. Our aim is to help support you reaching your goals injury-free and achieving optimum performance.  Sports massage is suitable and beneficial for both active and less active people.

    Regular massage can prevent musculoskeletal imbalances, injuries and stresses which can cause poor performance and allow you to train, race and live day to day pain-free.

  • Remedial Massage

    Deeper massage techniques and trigger point release provide a more intense massage treatment than therapeutic massage. Remedial massage is often applied to help alleviate pain and discomfort in joints, including hands and wrists, elbow, neck, shoulders and back. It can also be used to help symptoms of osteoarthritis. We aim to help break down tight fibrous muscles, improve circulation and increase mobility.

    Remedial Massage may be appropriate for you if your lifestyle involves any of the following:-

    -  long hours each day sitting behind a wheel of a car or at a desk

    -   carrying heavy bags or  a bag over one shoulder;

    -  long hours desk bound

    -  long hours on the telephone with the handset perched on your shoulder;

    -  long periods of time standing or wearing  high heels

    If so, you would benefit from a remedial massage.

  • Therapeutic Massage

    This versatile therapy invigorates the mind and body, causing it to ‘wake up’, and become refreshed. It can also be very relaxing, and is a perfect way to loosen off tense muscles and unwind. Therapeutic massage is widely acknowledged as helping to reduce stress and tension and promote feelings of well-being.   It can help increase circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and promote better sleep, thus reducing the likelihood of insomnia.

    Individuals who suffer from stress would almost immediately feel the benefit from this type of massage.  We all suffer from various levels of stress at some time in our lives, invariably we have no idea how much stress can affect our body.  Emotional stress often translates to tight muscles and postural problems.  Persistent stress can also lead to weakness and problems in other body systems, often resulting in some form of illness.

    Anyone who endured even a short period of bed rest due to illness may be left feeling fatigued, muscles may have weakened or become stiff.  A therapeutic massage will aid recovery by improving the blood flow around the body, thus allowing an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This is a more gentle rhythmic type of treatment, with a softer flow.

  • Pregnancy Massage

    The changes in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy can cause her to experience both physical and psychological stress. The added weight a woman carries puts strain on the entire body, with areas such as the lower back, area between the shoulder blades, neck, legs and feet getting a lot of extra strain and pressure. This can be exacerbated by worries about the baby’s health, as can difficulty in getting to sleep. Pregnancy is a wonderful, natural process, massage is there to help the mother and baby adjust to the changing demands thoughout the pregnancy.

    During pregnancy, as at other times, a massage can be a real treat. It’s relaxing and helps to take the mind off the worries of the day.